Leave a charitable gift in your will. You will support both your loved ones and active local charities.

Planned Giving with the Canadian Association of Gift Planners Chatham-Kent (CAGP) asks you to help the important work of local charities continue on after you’re gone.

Why is Planned Giving important?

  • Honours a loved one or creates a legacy for yourself
  • Helps local charities continue their work in the community
  • Reduces income taxes

Planned Giving is easy...

Take an insurance policy on yourself and make your local Charities of Choice the beneficiaries. A small monthly payment now could result in a very significant donation later.

Make your local Charities of Choice beneficiaries in your Will.

Some people set a fixed amount. Others simply stipulate that a percentage of their estate go to their local Charities of Choice…as little as 1% can do a lot.

Ready to plan to Give as You Go?
Talk to a local Lawyer or Financial Planner.