Why Give as You Go?

• Reduce Income Taxes

• Honour a Loved One

• Help the Good Work Continue

How you can give after you’re gone:

  • Take an insurance policy on yourself and make your local Charities of Choice the beneficiaries. A small monthly payment now could result in a very significant donation later.
  • Make your local Charities of Choice beneficiaries in your Will. Some people set a fixed amount. Others simply stipulate that a percentage of their estate go to their local Charities of Choice…as little as 1% can do a lot. This has minimal impact on your other heirs’ inheritance, but makes a big difference in your community.
  • Ask that in lieu of flowers at your funeral, that people donate to your local Charities of Choice…then specify in your Will that your Estate match whatever donations are made.

Which local Charities are part of Give As You Go Chatham-Kent? Click here.

Ready to plan to Give as You Go?

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